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Don’t let your parents pay for your senior portraits

Share with your friends and pay for your own GradPak Senior Portraits.

Our PVG Referral Partnership gives graduates an opportunity to possible Earn a FREE GradPak Senior Portraits Session. However, we felt it was unfair to reward You for sharing and not reward Your Friends something for giving us the opportunity of sharing a chapter in their life which will never happen again.

Here’s how you get started!

Head over to PVG Referral Partnership and create your referral account. This should take you less than 60 seconds.

Ask your friends if they would like some J.A.M. (Jelly Albums Mobile) and show them your own Jelly Albums Mobile. If you don’t have your own J.A.M., check the Welcome email from PVG Referral Partnership because we just sent you a link to download our Demo J.A.M. directly to your phones home screen.

While you’re in your referral partnership account, grab a link to either of our GradPak Collections and start sharing with all your friends.

Point your friends in the right direction so they can begin racking up the dollies for their own Free GradPak as well. It’s only fair that you Pay-It-Forward!

Sit back and enjoy the fun because each time one of your friends either pay the deposit or the full amount for the GradPak of their choice, you’ll see real-time credits in your referral partnership account.

If you need answers to a couple of questions, give us a call @ 855-998-4742 (4PIC)