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Congratulation ITT Tech Graduates

Last night we got to share a moment with the graduates of ITT Tech as they celebrated during the graduation ceremony at the Hilton Hotel on Bay Area

Students enjoyed posing for the camera and creating history as they received their degrees with friends & family present. And as the graduation photographer, I’d like to personally say Congratulations to each of the ITT Tech graduates that I did not have an opportunity to congratulate in person.

You worked hard to develop a skill that will enable you to provide a better lifestyle for yourself and your family. Now it’s time to put that skill to work in the community, and throughout the world for some several of you.

Once Again ITT Tech Graduates

I’d like to say Congratulations to each graduate and commence you on a degree you earned. You got through the hard times & the good times with each others support and the support of family, friends, and staff of ITT Tech. But when it’s all said and done, you ultimately did the work needed to reach your goal. Now it’s time to revamp your goals & dreams to another level. Here’s what I mean.

I listened to a couple of the graduates last night expressing how they competed against each other for the highest GPA. I don’t remember the exact numbers of their gpa’s, but let me tell you how the story went between the fellas.

It Started After the Ceremony

The fellas wanted to take a few pictures together just for fun. I think somebody mentioned they looked better than the other and the gpa fight started. But here’s what made the fight interesting. Their gpa’s were only 0.002 apart. (For example, 3.598 & 3.596). As I mentioned earlier, I don’t remember the exact numbers, but you get my point.

So what’s the point of the short story? Continue to set your goals high and your standard bar even higher. If need be, find someone to compete against who will push you to the next level and challenge you to become a better person.

For now, sit back and relax while your pictures are being edited from last nights graduation. They’ll be ready soon.

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